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From: Derek Cole
Subject: College Showers 6Seeing as how long I took to update between my last two stories I thought
that I would Lolita Nudist make this update quicker, seeing as it is still in my memory,
and you guys keep loving my new installments, and want more. So I’m gonna
give it to you.So after our fun going back a day early after Thanksgiving break we had to
cool it down again, trying to keep it hidden from the rest of the
floor. The one thing about college is there is always a party at some
point, and there was a huge one one night on our floor. Yes, my wonderful
boyfriend is the RA on the floor, but he doesn’t care and let’s us party
and he sometimes goes and parties with us, only when he’s not on duty. But
comeone, it’s always fun being able to party with your hot boyfriend, even
when the entire room has no idea.The party is always in the room next to me, so you know when it’s starting
when they start jamming the tunes and you hear people throwing ping pong
balls. My roommate was doing homework so I decided to hed over to Matt’s
room. (Yes, I’m going to start using names, why I didn’t before I dont’
know, I’m not going to release the college or dorm building, so it doesn’t
matter) I walked in and he was just laying on his bed watching a movie. No
one else was with him for the time being so I walked over and sat down next
to him before I felt his arm pull me down and I was facing him. To my
suprise he pulled me in and kissed me, which turned into a quick make out
session. It only caught me off guard due to the fact that the door was open
and people on the floor were running around.”I didn’t think you would do that babe, the door’s open and people are
running around, but I did like it,” and I leaned in and gave him a quick
peck Lolita Nudist
on the lips.”Well I don’t really care much anymore. I mean I’m hiding the fact that I’m
in love with you from everyone. I think we should just have fun tonight
Derek, let what happens happen and who care what the rest of the guys on
the floor think,” he said.I had no idea what to say, I mean I loved him too, and he pulled me back in
for a kiss and then we just layed there for a bit before heading off to the
party. We both walked down together, we didn’t hold hands like we sometimes
do, but it didn’t matter to me. We walked in and we sat down and watched a
few games of pong before jumping in a game. We were insepperable all night,
always played on the same team, went out of the room same time, we even
managed to make a trip to the bathroom at the same time, which we didn’t
plan at all. When we went back they had brought out some of the harder
stuff, and we decided what the hell, we wanted to have fun, and we drank a
lil more with them. We were both feeling a little buzz, and decided to stop
drinking, and just watch. We were both on the same bed, just sitting next
to each other when he reached over and grabbed my hand. He looked at me and
we just sat there and held hands, not really caring who noticed. A few
more games went by when my roommate finally noticed.”Are you guys that trashed?”"What do you mean,” Matt said.”Do you not realize that you’re holding hands with Derek?”"Umm….yeah, I know exactly where my hand is and I’m sure he does as
well.”That’s when it hit the point where we were sit of hiding it and Matt leaned
over and started to make out with me. He Lolita Nudist pushed me down on the bed and we
had a nice little make out session infront of the entire floor and about
two other floors that had come down to party with us. When he finally
pulled off we both sat up and went back to holding hands before Matt put
his arm around Lolita Nudist
me and I layed my head against his shoulder and he held
me. At this point everyone in the room had stopped playing and were just
staring at us in awe, not knowing what to say or how to react to what we
had just done. Finally the guy who was throwing the party broke the
silence.”So you two are dating? You’re both gay? How long has this been going on?”Matt was again quick to answer everything and shot out the answers before I
could open my mouth. “Yes, Derek and I are dating. Yes, we are both
gay. And we have been dating since the beginning of the semester. And to
tell you all the truth, you can all hate us or whatever, but remember who I
am. You give either of us shit, and you will be written up for verbal
abuse. There is absolutley nothing wrong with this. We both love each other
and nothing you guys say or do will change it. So live with it or you can
file for a dorm change. I don’t care, just accept it or don’t.”Everyone kind of just sat there once again and we got up and left, not
liking the staring and quiet. As we shut the door we could hear them
beginning to talk. Did you know they were dating? I never would have
thought either one of them were gay. But they do look good together, I’m
happy that they are happy. He’s right, there is nothing wrong with them
being together, and if any of you guys have problems I think you shoudl
take his advice and leave. We heard this among other comment and walked
back to his room and threw in a movie and jumped under the covers where he
put his arm around me and pulled me close to him.”Derek, I’m sorry about that.I just Lolita Nudist
couldn’t take it anymore, I hate having
to hide this from everyone. I love you babe.”I turned around and gave him a kiss, and he started to make out with me,
sliding his hands under my shirt and pulling it off as I did the same to
him.”We never can watch a movie fully clothed can we babe? But I love you, so
it doesn’t matter what we have on, as long as I have you,” is about the
last thing I remember saying for a while, inbetween our random make out
sessions and watching the movie he put in. The movie ended about 2am and
the party was dieing down, and people from the floor were filling down the
hall and into the room. It was basically our room now, I moved most of my
clothes in there cause it was random that I didn’t spend the night with
him. No sooner than our movie ended was the room filled with half drunk
guys asking us questions and finally accepting who we were. We were
actually asked to just do what we typically did for them, but we weren’t
going to have sex infront of the entire floor because they wanted to see if
we really loved each other. I know I loved him and I knew he loved me back,
and that’s all I needed. We did get sick of questions and requests, so we
did kick about
everyone out, only having my roommate and Matt’s best friend on the floor
in with us. By this time we had actually gone down to just a pair of shorts
and were relaxed. I was leaning against his stomach inbetween his legs and
his arms were resting right above my crotch, which was a normal relaxed
position for us. We put in another movie and they both stayed and watched,
and would keep an eye on us as I would occassionally tip my head Lolita Nudist
back and
give my boy a kiss.It was late before we actually fell asleep and the movie ended. The two
guys left and shut the door after we had both fell asleep. It was like 6 in
the morning when we had gone to sleep and we had both woken up about 11. We
just stared at each other, kissing randomly Lolita Nudist and just starting to talk about
the night before.”Babe, I need to take a shower. I smell horrible.” is the frist non serious
thing he had said to me all morning.”Well, wanna have a little fun before you go? You know I can only go so
long without having a little bit of you Matt,” and I reached into his
shorts and grabbed his morning wood and slowly began to stroke him.”Mmmmmm, you know I can’t turn you down baby. And you know I can’t go that
long without having some of you.” and he pulled me in and we began to make
out. I got ontop of him and kissed my way down to his cock. I pulled his
shorts off and slowly took his entire cock in, playing with his balls and
slowly bobbing up and down.”Ohhhhh damn, I swear you get better everytime babe. Fuck….I’m not gonna
last long this morning.” I took that as encouragement and started to bobbed
faster and massage his balls harder. I could hear his breathing increasing
and his balls had begun to pull up. I knew he wasn’t going to last much
longer and went to finish him off when my roommate walked into the room. I
wasn’t going to leave Matt with a horrinle case of blue balls so I went as
fast as I could and then he blew.”Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy ggooooddddddd!!!!! Fuck, I’m gonna cum baby, I’m
gonna cum….shit, shit shit….cummmminngggggggg!!!!!” and his shot a huge
load. 6 thick strands of cum shot to Lolita Nudist the back of my mouth and I kept up and
took it all. Sucking out the last little bit and letting him soften before
pulling off.”Sorry, didn’t mean to walk in, but I forgot my cell in here last
night. But damn, that was hot guys.” he walked over and grabbed his phone
and started to look at his missed text messages.We didn’t really care that he was in there and Matt flipped me over so I
was on the bottom and he stripped my shorts off. I notice my roommate look
over and his eyes shot open when he saw my rock hard cock, and then Matt
take it all in.. He did the same, slowly started to bob up and down and
massaged my balls. Not having done much the night before, I had a feeling I
was gonna go just as fast as he did. And seeing as both of us had to shower
and go to at least one class, I seemed to cum even faster than I wanted
to. He knew he wanted to make me cum faster than he had, just so he could
make fun of me later, which we always did. So he picked up his pace faster
and I could feel my orgasm hit me.”Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum. Get ready…oh fuck, oh fuckkkkk, fuckkk
baby. Here it comes. So close….fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonnnaaa,
cummmiiningggggg!!!!” and I shot harder than I had in a few night. I shot 7
long strands of hot teen cum to the back of his mouth and he took it all
like I had. My roommate just stared as we layed down next to each other,
catching our breath as our soft cocks just lay there.”Alright guys, I’m not gonna lie, but that was fucking hot. But I’ll let
you guys get back to whatever you were gonna do. See you later guys.” and
he Lolita Nudist walked out.”Ummm, that was awkward. But whatever. You should go shower, I have a class
later, but you need to get moving. I love you Matt.” and he went walking
down the hall in a towel. He shut the door and I turned on the TV and
watched a few shows and he came back. I headed down and he was still there
when I got back. We both ended up just skipping classes and spending the
day with each other. Most of the floor came down and chatted with us after
they were done with classes and we ended up having a floor dinner at the
dinning hall. We all went back and hung out in our room and watched a
movie. The floor was cool with us, and we didn’t care anymore and would
hold hands, cuddle or make out whenver we felt like it. I mean I was dating
the cuteset RA ever, no one was going to say anything to their RA about it.This went on for the entire semester, I Lolita Nudist
moved into his room and my roommate
got a new roommate. We became inseperable, and then came Christmas break,
where we would be seperated for at least a week. We both had plans and
planned to meet up once. I was going to meet his family and he was going to
officially meet mine. Yes, my parent know him as Matt the RA, but not Matt
my amazing boyfriend, so it was time they met that one. And it was going to
be the first time I met his family and he was going to come out to
them. Lolita Nudist And I would be coming out to my family. Let me know if you guys want
to hear what ended up happening over break and what happens when we go back
to college.Hope you guys have enjoyed this so far. Sorry there wasn’t as much sexual
stuff in this one, and this was one of my longer posts. But I think I had
to do it, just to get it off my chest. Can’t always be fun, there has to be
some coming out at some point ;) Let me know what you think and if you want
more. Thanks for everything so far, you guys rock!! Thanks for reading, and
for those who have e-mailed me, I love you :) I have a few other stories if you guys want to read those let me know and I
will send you the links.Derek <3
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